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KakaoTalk_20170208_185604555김정명 (Jeongmyeong Kim) 

Course : Integrated M.S. & Ph.D (2017.02~)
B.S in Applied Chemistry, Kyungpook National University
Research :  Nanomaterial synthesis for enantioselective catalysis
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20151024_221929전남기 (Namgi Jeon)

Course : Integrated M.S. & Ph.D (2017.02~)
B.S in Chemical Engineering, Ajou University
Research : Conversion of light alkanes to alkenes
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KakaoTalk_20170208_225808956최형주 (Hyeongju Choe)

Course : Integrated M.S. & Ph.D (2017.09~)
B.S in Chemical Engineering, POSTECH
Research : Conversion of carbon dioxide to methanol
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KakaoTalk_20170307_2259123611송병주 (Byeongju Song) crown

Course : Integrated M.S. & Ph.D (2017.09~)
B.S in Chemical Engineering, POSTECH
Research : Enantioselective heterogeneous catalysis
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정일준 (Il Jun Chung) 

Course : Integrated M.S. & Ph.D (2018.09~)
B.S in Mechanical Engineering & Chemical Engineering (double major), Myongji University
Research : Nanoparticle synthesis for catalysis
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KakaoTalk_20180305_184008187오정목 (Jungmok Oh)

B.S in Chemical Engineering, POSTECH (2019년 8월 졸업 예정)
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박지수 (Jisu Park)

B.S in Chemical Engineering, Chungang University (2019년 2월 졸업 예정)





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